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New Tires Sales

Precision Automotive is truly your one stop shop including the best prices on tires. We are a Michelin/BFGoodrich/Uniroyal dealer but have competitive prices on most other brands. Feel free to research and either buy from TireBuyer.com or call us for availability from stock or our local warehouse, they deliver 3 times a week.


Mounting tires on the newer low profile wheels requires a tire machine designed specifically for that purpose. Old style machines can damage the tire and the wheel. With TPMS (tire pressure monitoring systems) mandated on all vehicles manufactured since 2008, special care must be exercised to prevent damage to the sensor when mounting & demounting tires.

Precision Automotive has the capability to service up to 30″ wheels, including custom wheels with reverse types that must be removed from the inside vs. the outside, guaranteed damage free.

Nitrogen inflation is also available. Some of the benefits: less air loss due to larger molecules of nitrogen, more stable pressures under high and low temperature extremes (works well to keep the TPMS light off), increases the life of the tire and TPMS sensors due to clean dry nitrogen.


Computer balancing with our high volume machine ensures a smooth ride and longer wear due to tire wearing vibration. Our machine also has options to position the weights behind spokes on custom wheels and dynamically balance for the best possible results.

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