24 Month / 24,000 Mile Warranty On Qualifying Parts and Labor

Engines with overhead camshafts have either a timing belt(s) or a timing chain. Vehicles with a timing chain do not have a scheduled replacement interval but if your engine has a timing belt it is critical to observe the manufactures replacement mileage. Many engines will incur major engine damage due to the pistons striking the valves due to a broken or out of time belt. Your vehicle owner’s manual will recommend at what mileage the timing belt must be replaced (if not we can get the info for you). These intervals range from every 60,000 miles to every 105,000 miles.

We recommend that you replace the water pump, cam & crankshaft seals and pulleys for the same longevity as the original. This also is the most cost effective, due to the fact that much of the labor to change these components has already been done with the timing belt and would be much more costly if done separately.

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